UFC 261: Usman vs Masvidal 2 - Three Title Fights | Official Trailer | April 24 

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The UFC continues to raise the bar for world-class mixed martial arts action in 2021, with the UFC 261 event on April 24 the latest history-making card to hit the Octagon. In the main event of this championship tripleheader, a score will be settled when heated rivals Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal meet again with Usman’s UFC welterweight title on the line. Plus, two more title fights are expected to shake up the strawweight and flyweight divisions, as China’s Zhang Weili returns for the first time since her epic bout with Joanna Jedrzejczyk to defend her 115-pound crown against former champion Rose Namajunas, and former strawweight champion Jessica Andrade looks to strike gold at 125 pounds when she challenges dominant flyweight queen Valentina Shevchenko.
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Apr 7, 2021




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Richard Hernandez
The song was made for this promo
RZ. lalrammawiia
yeap let's go...
freewayxd 2 hours ago
Can anyone tell me name of the song playing?
basil g
basil g 3 hours ago
and still X3 easy money, although i would love rose to win
Tyrone Hayato
Tyrone Hayato 6 hours ago
Chris Gray
Chris Gray 14 hours ago
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Pakin 86
Pakin 86 20 hours ago
15,000 live fans. 24 hours later. 15,000 new cases lol. When will anyone learn. Profit > Health
Swayze FleXx
Swayze FleXx 21 hour ago
Valentina is my favorite UFC fighter and martial artist. Her and Andrade will be a banger.
fuuman5 22 hours ago
These trailers are nice. Hyped.
Big dirty sticking b- ass
Cannot wait. But. It’s a shame we have that snake Jorge in the main event.
William Worrell
Does anybody know the background song?
Freddy Kru
Freddy Kru Day ago
Let's go Masvidal !! 👊 Greetings from Russia, we are all here for you. 💪Waiting for the trilogy.👌
Söz Doğanın
G.J. Akuo
G.J. Akuo 2 days ago
Im fuckin calling it. Mangum Wei Li gonna slap Namajunas so hard. Im also scared af for Jessica Andrade. Shevchenko is a complete monster. As if she’s a frickin machine n a badass gamer is controlling her.
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mohammed shoeb
mohammed shoeb 2 days ago
What's the problem with UFC and Uncle Dana? Why can't women's fight be the Headliner? Valentina and Weili deserve it more considering how floppy Masvidal fought in his last fight against Usman!
Claudia patricia Zuluaga
Song Warriors 🥺❤️❤️❤️💞
Ashir Ali
Ashir Ali 2 days ago
This was Avengers level trailer ✊
Russ Langford
Russ Langford 3 days ago
Who's that little boy in the 125 lb class?
Brandon Titus
Brandon Titus 3 days ago
With a the craziness in the world this shit takes a mf away lest go man let's blow roof off of the building
Boston's gaming channel I have a channel
After watching Usman hold gamebreads jock strap for five rounds I said I would never do it again but the girls got me on this one.
Elaine Abuedo
Elaine Abuedo 3 days ago
love the WARRIORS (league of legends) background music
RegularPeople 3 days ago
Masvidal 🙏
Sandra Dela Fuente
Masvidal need to win and Jessica andrade wins and rose namajunas win new champion
Luda Kris
Luda Kris 4 days ago
Masvidal liked for being who he was. Now liked for being who he is. He doesn't care, that's what he said, unfortunately after this fight people will not care about him neither probably will be given another shot to be relevant but wouldn't be surprised if he gets cut after he loses again and then that BMF belt will be as useless as a dog shit on the side of the road. That being said, Nate is the real BMF minus that invaluable belt.
jam p
jam p 4 days ago
Suuuper trailer💪🏾
Mistah AC
Mistah AC 4 days ago
Colby is a patient dude. I'd be pissed if I was him. Took Usman to 5 close rounds, beats Woodley, still doesn't get rematch. They were even considering Colby vs. Jorge before Usman
Mistah AC
Mistah AC 4 days ago
Damn I thought Usman was spittin
Jacob Nair
Jacob Nair 4 days ago
Dana: “we are opening up safely” What dana really meant: “we are packing as many fans together in the arena as possible”
Golden King
Golden King 4 days ago
Usman is successful for the same reason Israel is, which is they are both too big for their division so Jorge better wrestle with big ass pro wrestlers
sheetmetalbill 4 days ago
We want nick Diaz... rusty but will still kick most here’s ass
Morrise Perez
Morrise Perez 4 days ago
I believe Jorge will secure the title!
JACK * 4 days ago
Calvin looks so stupid making that face after getting completely crippled in the his last fight looking back at this clip
First Last
First Last 4 days ago
2 out 3 titles are changing hands come April 24th. Which ones 🤔 though?
Michael Gary Scott
Nathan Craig
Nathan Craig 5 days ago
"You hear that snorting nose? That's the snorting nose you're gonna hear before the Francis fight." - Jon "Tito Snortiz" Jones
Enrique Ruiz
Enrique Ruiz 5 days ago
Usman is going to destroy Masvidal
TeoYouKnowMe GT
TeoYouKnowMe GT 5 days ago
2:00 this "we are back really hits hard...:
Nathan Craig
Nathan Craig 5 days ago
Does anybody know what this music is called?
Nathan Craig
Nathan Craig 5 days ago
Nvm it's Warrior by 2WEI
Matitinto 5 days ago
Nathan Craig
Nathan Craig 5 days ago
@Matitinto no problem man
Matitinto 5 days ago
good, thanks
Nathan Craig
Nathan Craig 5 days ago
Warrior by 2WEI
Nathan Craig
Nathan Craig 5 days ago
I'm asking the same thing. Like both of our comments to get the ball rolling for people to see
Lazy Lion
Lazy Lion 5 days ago
Please don't bet on this one. Save your money. Too risky
Frederico Fernando dos Santos Marques
Meu apoio a Kamaru, Valentina, e Zhang.
Bido Buckets
Bido Buckets 5 days ago
I just wanna see rose vs weli
Григорий Кононов
better to be red than dumb
Ignite 5 days ago
Fight of the night goes to the ladies
Joel Fernandez
Joel Fernandez 6 days ago
All the champions will retain!
TheSamBrothers 6 days ago
I’ve watched this too many times....
Nathan Craig
Nathan Craig 5 days ago
Dan B
Dan B 6 days ago
Oh we finally stopped death? Now that we are all immortal we can have crowds again
Manel Menezes
Manel Menezes 6 days ago
League of Legends - Warriors
unbecoming2007 Truther
snoozeman already stole my money from the last foot stomping, crotch sniffing, hump fest. Fool me once .... Excited for other fights, but never again does snoozer get any money from me.
Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith 6 days ago
Usman gonna light Masvidal up.
CRAZY HOR$E 6 days ago
Patrick Blankenship
I'm tryna see Recyclops vs Polluticorn
Leonor Cortes
Leonor Cortes 6 days ago
Jorge , mi niño adorado vas a ganar !!! BOCHO
Cristian Giovanny
The best moment of promo it named Jessica Andrade ✨✨✨👌🏽
MGZRJackass 6 days ago
Andrage is going to get Annihilated by Schevchenko, terrible mismatch this fight. Schevchenko needs to stop wasting her time with these 125ers non of them can match her she needs to go back to 135 and fight Amanda they are the only fighters than can challenge each other
Alexander 6 days ago
That’s kind of weird. How the champion fought the #1 contender. Meanwhile Jorge got dominated and just sat out and gets another title shot 😒
εїз Ķïņäŗä αηвυ εїз
Cause their fight was accorded from 7 days before the event and was so boring, so this will be the real one
King Leonidas
King Leonidas 6 days ago
Winners: Usman Valentina Veili
Morin Macias
Morin Macias 6 days ago
tengo meyo, esta vez Jorge hara de las suyas, el ganara lo se.
mutluhan yazıcı
There is a huge fight night baby 😎😎😎😎😎
Mark homer
Mark homer 7 days ago
Man the female cards are ganna be sic.
Ronald Liteno
Ronald Liteno 7 days ago
kamaru and Zhang will WIN
giannetto1000 7 days ago
It's embarrassing for the sport that Stiff Jesus has the rematch instead of Colby.. I mean Colby's a douche but he was the only one that put Marty in real trouble! Fuck that fatty bald mob
lurchie langford
lurchie langford 7 days ago
Book jones vs ngannou already.
daveo macron
daveo macron 7 days ago
Rose and Jessica going home held together by bandages.
Randy Boisa
Randy Boisa 7 days ago
I see THUG, I buy ticket!
Dionny Garcia
Dionny Garcia 7 days ago
The song name is "Warriors" by Edda Hayes This promo is sick!!!
Max R
Max R 7 days ago
Meanwhile Sleepy Joe is wearing two masks
Danny V
Danny V 7 days ago
Ohhh man, that fightcard......, who needs Conor! Blabbermouth.
Kevin Light
Kevin Light 7 days ago
Masvidal will get it done this time now he has a full camp. That brain Mike Brown will come up with a nice game plan like he did for Ben Askream. Better than only 6 days of TD defense during the height of a pandemic
rori ro
rori ro 8 days ago
Kola Kola
Kola Kola 8 days ago
Usman win easy
Mega Parsia
Mega Parsia 8 days ago
I hope these bum fans won't start booing again
Shahbaz Abid
Shahbaz Abid 8 days ago
Wwe did it first
King Balu
King Balu 8 days ago
That shot at 0:59 is straight up 🔥🔥🔥
Andrew Reece
Andrew Reece 8 days ago
Is it just me or does the Shevchenko vs Andrade fight seem like a huge mismatch for Andrade
MixUp 90
MixUp 90 7 days ago
Valentina is definitely the favorite but Jessica is still a beast. She was strong as hell even at 135, has 1 punch ko power and puts pressure on her opponents. Anything could happen. Should be fun either way
huy pham
huy pham 8 days ago
My favorite fighters always lose. In this case it's namajunas. Lol
M. A.
M. A. 8 days ago
Usman just hugged him the whole fight, when he fought masvidal in a 6 days notice lol, masvidal will put his light out this time.
PumperNickel 8 days ago
Like Trump, Dana White is an egomaniac.
Чингис Кан-оол
Чингис Кан-оол
Чингис Кан-оол
alwishy 8 days ago
Usman gotta toe to toe it this time round and show if he has the mimnals to take masvidal 2/0
Eduardo Lopez
Eduardo Lopez 7 days ago
@alwishy fook
alwishy 7 days ago
@Eduardo Lopez Did he fook Usman hugged him to death.
Eduardo Lopez
Eduardo Lopez 7 days ago
Usman toe to toed last time tho lol
eddie gonzalez
eddie gonzalez 8 days ago
Masvidal wins who wants to bet?
basil g
basil g 8 days ago
Sorry bro no chance
Vangundy 8 days ago
Anybody know the song?
Nathan Craig
Nathan Craig 5 days ago
Warrior by 2WEI
Nathan Craig
Nathan Craig 5 days ago
Like your comment and mine let's get the ball rolling so people can see these
syco546 8 days ago
Endeavor stock gonna rocket to the moon!
Marley HP
Marley HP 8 days ago
Cant call her Thug Rose. She was traumatized from Conor breaking a window. She said she couldn't leave her house for months because of the PTSD caused by the Conor incident 😂😂 S A W F T
MKI 6 days ago
Oooohhh be careful people... we got a mr. tough guy here...
johnny quinto
johnny quinto 8 days ago
The trailer music is "Warriors" by the artist 2WEI You're welcome
Nathan Craig
Nathan Craig 5 days ago
Thank you so much
Dwayne Collins
Dwayne Collins 8 days ago
Weili versus Nunez now that would be the fight of the decade for sure..
Dwayne Collins
Dwayne Collins 8 days ago
Absolutely Weili versus Thug Rose is the main event of the evening.. hell I'd like to see
Hempearth 8 days ago
diego armando
diego armando 8 days ago
Раймбек Кожамкулов
Sam John
Sam John 8 days ago
It’s that part at the fuckin end when the song amps up, Gamebred sticks his tongue out. The fucking Rock is there. Nate just wants a blunt. GOOSEBUMPS.
Seth Amina
Seth Amina 8 days ago
Chicken skin just watching this can’t wait 💯
Johnny K
Johnny K 9 days ago
Jorge had Romero as a training partner for years, his wrestling should be phenomenal. These guys get stuck in their ways.
Амурхан Байматов х kakoytoloxxx
Dr. Gainzzz
Dr. Gainzzz 9 days ago
I'm excited for rose and zhang more than any other fight on the card im surprised at myself for saying this.
george dimitris
george dimitris 9 days ago
Zhang, Shevchenko easy wins
Boutique Solar Co
They see through the rona hoax good for them