UFC 260: Miranda Maverick - "Hope to Be Back Soon With a Ranked Opponent" | Post-Fight Interview 

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Miranda Maverick secured her second UFC win at UFC 260 on Saturday night via unanimous decision over Gillian Robertson and adds some new blood to the flyweight division.
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Mar 27, 2021




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Comments 85   
u2zero2u 15 days ago
Miranda defiantly won but not 30-27 as 2 judges gave her. She won 29-28
Cardi Bb
Cardi Bb 19 days ago
It's funny how I was watching this on tv 3 days ago...
Joseph McCoy
Joseph McCoy 20 days ago
I hope she fights Taila Santos in July on the McGregor undercard
Jesus Schizus
Jesus Schizus 20 days ago
Wow, that arms, tho! 💪
Toutai Palu
Toutai Palu 20 days ago
OG Lil nutš
OG Lil nutš 21 day ago
Gosh she thick
Kris Rogers
Kris Rogers 21 day ago
Another future murder victim for Valentina.
Northern Beast
Northern Beast 21 day ago
Miranda Maverick looks yoked especially for a flyweight!
chuck bass
chuck bass 22 days ago
Miranda MaverTHICC
Jay23 isBack
Jay23 isBack 22 days ago
Lmao at all you SIMPS Commenting and all the Simps that are going to reply to my comment
Drew Finn
Drew Finn 22 days ago
Frank V
Frank V 22 days ago
Matt Hughes has a sister?
Dailyx1 22 days ago
She is eating Sinfit protein products!!!! Looked it up!! That’s why
mvc god
mvc god 22 days ago
She's buff af
Anil Gaikwad
Anil Gaikwad 22 days ago
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Rhyleigh Mackenzie
Rhyleigh Mackenzie 22 days ago
23 and yummy? Dammm
random bollox
random bollox 22 days ago
Bridget Jones is looking well better nowadays
Tyro Cyr
Tyro Cyr 23 days ago
Great win Miranda 👏🏼
Desmond 23 days ago
I did a break down of her fight on Instagram and she liked it. It's the little bits of serotonin after that Stipe loss that are keeping me going.
Nasty business.
Nasty business. 23 days ago
Didn't even know there were chicks fighting on this card.anyone bother to watch it ? Was it any good?
Jesus Michel
Jesus Michel 22 days ago
It was hella good my dude, better than Woodley losing again
Ill blahzay Ill
Ill blahzay Ill 23 days ago
This is a man right?
Astute Nomad
Astute Nomad 23 days ago
Jeremy Esters
Jeremy Esters 23 days ago
What's going on with Robertson, like seriously.
app369 23 days ago
She is weak for the division, needs more pop in her hands and strength for grappling. She is skilled but just lacks a bit in the strength department. Maverick was a bull.
Nobody survives even one bit
She looks like Abby tlou2
PINEAPPLE BLUE 23 days ago
Future champion🙌🏻🙏🏻
Qasem Imad
Qasem Imad 23 days ago
Such a promising fighter I liked her
GutturalReef 23 days ago
She's so adorable!
bluebird 23 days ago
Starting too look like a real prospect that might get deep into the upper ranks. I guess she has work to do, but she's already done well
Armando Salgado
Armando Salgado 23 days ago
She's grest fighter, very well Spoken and plus, she's pretty hot.
Rick Rivera
Rick Rivera 22 days ago
TheurgyTheatre 23 days ago
Very strong performance! Excellent fight.
Rico S
Rico S 23 days ago
Miranda and joe would feed off each other very well live I bet. Call each other out type thing just being an analyst
She cheeked up
Chris N
Chris N 23 days ago
She is pretty.
Saleh Cheema
Saleh Cheema 23 days ago
Dr Maverick 😳
Albert hick
Albert hick 23 days ago
@vasikaran no, but she's a PhD candidate, in Industrial Psychology
vasikaran 23 days ago
Is a physician?
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
she's a cutie but 30-27 from to jusges is ridiculous. She definitely lost the second round. But look pretty invincible otherwise
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
@ThatGuyy B The way conversations work, 2 people must be engaging, so if you don't want to have this conversation you can simply stop replying. idk why brought a 3rd person in 😂 I know you said there's room for improvement, but considering how bad she was at preventing Robertson's take downs & considering Robertsons transition from back Mount rear naked to arm bar after continuously dragging Maverick down to the floor, "weak" would be pretty appropriate if you think robertson's sub attemp was "weak". unless of course you have double standards.. 🤦‍♂️
ThatGuyy B
ThatGuyy B 22 days ago
@Archduke Franz Ferdinand I said there's room for improvement, you're weird man. Drop it
ThatGuyy B
ThatGuyy B 22 days ago
@e4tless I was only saying Robertson didn't do much on the ground, I never said she lost the round.... Stop replying now it's boring.
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
@ThatGuyy B alright my dude, maverick did perfect in the second round, she shouldn't try to improve since she's already perfect.. 🤦‍♂️
e4tless 22 days ago
@ThatGuyy B If you can't admit she lost the second round, you really represent what's wrong with judging.
Peco 23 days ago
she really does sound like a substitute teacher lol, but wow only 23, I feel like she’s got a bright future
Dora The Mon
Dora The Mon 2 days ago
Yup, she does.
Kris Edwards
Kris Edwards 9 days ago
She is already a special talent. We trained together in our hometown before she went off to school. She started her pro career in invicta and dominated. She won a one night tournament in invicta. She has all the experience. Mark my words
Owen Rigby
Owen Rigby 14 days ago
She's clearly talented if a bit inexperienced, but the fact she's only 23 means her future could be interesting. Unlike cocky Barber though Maverick is confident yet humble and she seems she wants to improve and get better. Give it 5 years time and we could be looking at a special talent the Flyweight division is in big need of.
VooDoo Wiz
VooDoo Wiz 23 days ago
this lady was impressive. helped me land a 5 leg parlay
Rafe Hudson
Rafe Hudson 23 days ago
0:42 vom.monster
Arif Sulaiman Mahya
She is a nice person. No doubt
ID MoRamadhan20
ID MoRamadhan20 23 days ago
She must fight the champ!!!
Maupay Your a Cheat
mike jones
mike jones 23 days ago
Francis can't stop coughing probally has covid and dana knew and didn't pull him.
Sagittarius Man
Sagittarius Man 23 days ago
Shes a looker...
JMike S
JMike S 23 days ago
Amazing shoulders on this girl. Mmh-mmm.
Daniel Gosse
Daniel Gosse 23 days ago
Tren delts lol
Leestheories 117
Leestheories 117 23 days ago
I like her
귀찮팬더 23 days ago
sinfit is what miranda promotes SINFIT protein👍👍👍👍👍
VJ POÜ 23 days ago
She's hot
VJ POÜ 23 days ago
like super sexy hot.
Feldspar 23 days ago
Miranda used to be a Mike.
Albert hick
Albert hick 23 days ago
Nah, she's just a jacked white girl
JonnySoJuicy 23 days ago
hahahah my buddy when she came on "THATS A DOODE"
Total Bullion
Total Bullion 23 days ago
That's what I'm saying.
Moon自殺 23 days ago
so eloquent, not often you see a fighter so articulate and simultaneously confident, usually intelligence makes a fighter too cerebral.
Hai Boai
Hai Boai 23 days ago
JD G 23 days ago
Tony the type of guy who wants a rank opponent in the women division cause his fight with khabib got cancelled
David Rodenborn
David Rodenborn 23 days ago
the whole interview i am listening to her arms.
Deondre SixFo
Deondre SixFo 23 days ago
Hahahah same
PHELEEKS Eh 23 days ago
Hip hop is big
Roman Komarov
Roman Komarov 23 days ago
0:52 dat.gen.in
Gihan Ratnayake
Gihan Ratnayake 23 days ago
Rated 23 days ago
waiting for the nganou fight....
Alan Cortez
Alan Cortez 23 days ago
She’s been Representing VA real good 🙏🙏💪 which is the best state in the US
Hai Boai
Hai Boai 23 days ago
• • •
• • • 23 days ago
Its not a state. It's a commonwealth. Sorry, had a Virginian say it to me once.
Paul Rapalo
Paul Rapalo 23 days ago
Bro I thought the daft punk was my Spotify in the background 😂
___ 23 days ago
Luis Valdez
Luis Valdez 23 days ago
U never go full garbant
Luis Valdez
Luis Valdez 23 days ago
the_real_zabimaru 23 days ago
Id like to thank Mirandas ass. That thing is 10/10
sarantis vlachos
sarantis vlachos 23 days ago
she is 23 . she is a doctor. she fights very good. the future is here?
Owen Rigby
Owen Rigby 14 days ago
She seems more the future talent Flyweight needs than *cough* *cough* Maycee Barber.
• • •
• • • 23 days ago
PhD candidate.
ralphie chicharito
ralphie chicharito 23 days ago
@Kasra Shirazi phD in psychology
Kasra Shirazi
Kasra Shirazi 23 days ago
what do you mean that she is a doctor?
J T 23 days ago
Lol tyrone woodley is done. Looked like an old man. I thought we were about to witness a nate marquardt 2
mike jones
mike jones 23 days ago
@I know I’m gay when I say this but I meant 16 straight, sorry.
I know I’m gay when I say this but
@mike jones how did you get 21 rounds lmao
Owen Rigby
Owen Rigby 23 days ago
@Worlds_Greatest_Detective He's suffered his fourth consecutive loss in a row, and Dana White hates him. Woodley's getting cut, you can take it to the bank.
Hai Boai
Hai Boai 23 days ago
mike jones
mike jones 23 days ago
21 straight rounds he's lost 4 straight devastating loses!! Dana cut like 3 former champs in the last month that has fought better then Woodley has he deserves to get cut but he will make it a racist thing if he does.
bruce wayne
bruce wayne 23 days ago
*Woodley to bellator officially , he's done*
Playboii Hugo
Playboii Hugo 23 days ago
@shubham chauhan look @ ur profile pic,Whos rlly the bum⁉️
swag lad
swag lad 23 days ago
@shubham chauhan calm down there fella Woodley ain't going to sleep with you No need to be on your knees for him over a youtube comment
sarantis vlachos
sarantis vlachos 23 days ago
yeah... 4 loses... 38 years old, bye bye
shubham chauhan
shubham chauhan 23 days ago
Soo what he's 38 .there's no shame in that. He'll forever be a world champ something your loser bum mentality won't understand..
Thunderfist McBeefcake
Robertson is very one dimensional 🤦‍♂️
staltabzch 23 days ago
Crisssy Ortiz
Crisssy Ortiz 23 days ago
Joe getting called sir gave him a boost of confidence
Kosay Gifaeeri
Kosay Gifaeeri 22 days ago
It’s rare these days to hear a female calling male sir or gentleman.
Junior Beckham
Junior Beckham 23 days ago
Anthony Vincere
Anthony Vincere 23 days ago
Is this the chick that smashed joels head in with a golf club?
náisiún na hÉireann
Renan Torres
Renan Torres 22 days ago
@Bloater Snake Thanks got it
Bloater Snake
Bloater Snake 22 days ago
@Renan Torres her butt
Renan Torres
Renan Torres 23 days ago
@DragonSin YGO What cake means? I've seen a lot of comments about this
Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas 23 days ago
@DragonSin YGO Camera got some nice shots during the fight.
Ngl she’s sexy asf
Roman Humbug
Roman Humbug 23 days ago
strengthnhonor 23 days ago
Woodley🤜💥 just got sent to Bellator😅
e4tless 22 days ago
What does this post fight interview have anything to do with Woodley. At least this dude went for his dreams, and actually realize them. Y'all stay salty on US-first though 👍
SportsPrincess 23 days ago
@M0_ Shy yeah even the guys at welterweight in Bellator will fuck him up.
Hai Boai
Hai Boai 23 days ago
Smartass Star
Smartass Star 23 days ago
@M DGAF you forget Colby also broke his famous...aw...aw..my rib..my rib
M DGAF 23 days ago
@Smartass Star Oops a clown is out of the circus.
Michael Lemon
Michael Lemon 23 days ago
Bye bye Woodley!
Maupay Your a Cheat
Cold af
Smartass Star
Smartass Star 23 days ago
Don Kiko
Don Kiko 23 days ago
Boring fight.
swag lad
swag lad 23 days ago
Tyquil Woodley is finished
Michael Mohi
Michael Mohi 23 days ago
Michael Mohi
Michael Mohi 23 days ago
Sup6 it’s sup7
804 Resale
804 Resale 23 days ago
That Nose been broken more than her heart.
Israel Arroyo
Israel Arroyo 23 days ago
Miranda looks like a whole man lol
Jesus Michel
Jesus Michel 23 days ago
Except she has dem cakes
O. O
O. O 23 days ago
Amazing fight 👏
So Immaterial
So Immaterial 23 days ago
She speaks excellently on her own performance. Definite future analyst potential.
Hai Boai
Hai Boai 23 days ago
Artur Nzobia
Artur Nzobia 23 days ago
Even her vocal tone is perfect for an analyst
Eden Beats
Eden Beats 23 days ago
She’s a PhD student while simultaneously participating in the UFC. An extremely talented woman.
mrcain 23 days ago
yeah she's smart
DragonSin YGO
DragonSin YGO 23 days ago
Shorty got that cake
Suave Negro
Suave Negro 23 days ago
Cheeks were coming out of her shorts in round 2
DragonSin YGO
DragonSin YGO 23 days ago
@Fredgar the IV 🤤🥶
Fredgar the IV
Fredgar the IV 23 days ago
Shawtyyy got the fatty 😫😫
NYLEREJ YONG 23 days ago
Beautiful fighter
Kannan Doss
Kannan Doss 23 days ago
Good job lady....
Pea Diz
Pea Diz 23 days ago
She Fights Outta Missouri, and Now Resides in Virginia, She Officially a homie
Humberto Medina
Humberto Medina 23 days ago
Michael Mohi
Michael Mohi 23 days ago
Unkryptic 23 days ago
Michael Mohi
Michael Mohi 23 days ago
Karlos Riofrio
Karlos Riofrio 23 days ago
Gillian has no personality
Thunderfist McBeefcake
Quasimodo’s in the UFC...?
Thunderfist McBeefcake
@Johann Zinnitz They aren’t mutually exclusive, clown.
Johann Zinnitz
Johann Zinnitz 23 days ago
@Thunderfist McBeefcake why r u asking dumb questions then..bruh
Thunderfist McBeefcake
@Johann Zinnitz Never said there was one, clown.
Johann Zinnitz
Johann Zinnitz 23 days ago
@Thunderfist McBeefcake explain the relevance of her looks..please Mr. hypocrite
Thunderfist McBeefcake
@Johann Zinnitz explain the relevance please.
Michael Mohi
Michael Mohi 23 days ago
By Sup: Wonderful fight
Hai Boai
Hai Boai 23 days ago
Michael Mohi
Michael Mohi 23 days ago
Ha I’m from the future my name is SuP69