Bas Rutten: The King of Pancrase 

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King of Pancrase three times over, UFC Hall of Famer and former UFC heavyweight champion Bas Rutten was a force to be reckoned with in 90's MMA.
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Mar 29, 2021




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Comments 99   
Patrick Mueller
Patrick Mueller 4 days ago
One tough hombre.
Isaiah _
Isaiah _ 4 days ago
Holy shit,old ufc was bad ass
Ernie C Lopez
Ernie C Lopez 5 days ago
Biggest joke in MMA history.
Laboratory Music
Laboratory Music 6 days ago
COOL DEVIL 6 days ago
Ooh hell mma without gloves 😳
Truth HurtzButHealz
Brian Urlacher: "You wanna settle this outside!?" Bas Rutten: "Uh... Yah"
Hanz Peter
Hanz Peter 7 days ago
Bas rutten best guy love his fights
Lebron james
Lebron james 7 days ago
I remember being locked up when I was a minor he came to our camp Kilpatrick in Malibu he is a good guy
Júnior Michaelsen
É pq nunca lutou contra o Marco Ruas.
Ken Trinh
Ken Trinh 7 days ago
If he’s good fighter then go to MMA, they’ll knock him out just in 1 minutes,
Ken Trinh
Ken Trinh 7 days ago
This guy he fight like a woman, he just slap in someone’s ear, that illegal dude
Alex Sandros
Alex Sandros 7 days ago
I love his voice )))
Robert Cornelius
Robert Cornelius 8 days ago
Александр Савельев
Что-то типа рестлинга на ТНТ
Corey 8 days ago
I met him once, like 20 years ago, at the time I had no idea who he was. He was very nice guy, super talkative. I just remember noticing the tattoo on his palm, besides that he looked like a normal guy.
Lindemans Laurens
Speedo for life
Klang Koma
Klang Koma 8 days ago
Khabis vs bas !!!!
Klang Koma
Klang Koma 8 days ago
That guy is soooo fucking hardcore
Artist3 Artist
Artist3 Artist 8 days ago
I just gas.it up you don't really want smoke if you seen me I'm scary everything said in advance look at the script nigga everyone gets a life everyone gets got I'm the aggressor nigga
Samuel Martinez
Samuel Martinez 9 days ago
Fake 💩
Trubel T
Trubel T 9 days ago
Bas is the Rodney Mullen of the fighting scene.
Jason H
Jason H 9 days ago
When they didn't know how to dress
Hefipale Burp
Hefipale Burp 9 days ago
The man is a beast. Has to be top ten in anyone's list.
one4all 9 days ago
Impressive, except the jumping into splits 4 times and then did it again later. With those red shin pads or whatever those are it looked extra awkward.
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Zakhar Zakharin
Zakhar Zakharin 9 days ago
Великий Бас Рутен
Arnimys Game
Arnimys Game 9 days ago
Luke Blacklock
Luke Blacklock 9 days ago
Im sure if every fighter had Cortisone injections in every joint possible like this dude did theyd all be Beast fighters
Ben-Hur Goularte
Ben-Hur Goularte 9 days ago
Era tampão na cara de brigadiano !
john kleinsmit
john kleinsmit 9 days ago
you know its old with that giant lucky strike logo
ThePeckham Poet
ThePeckham Poet 9 days ago
Say what u like about Silver or emelieneko or jones , sakuraba who ever, they always seem to forget and surpass the great Bas the boss Rutten. Became a submission genius and machine, and without doubt one of the greatest strikers in the business. Could take the incredible hulk down with them liver shots
Erwin Kaka
Erwin Kaka 9 days ago
Likes Stone cold😎👍
ThePeckham Poet
ThePeckham Poet 9 days ago
Liver shot, el whapo
The Amazing Goldfish
I love pancakes! Is there an Bas Rutens in the south because if there is I would eat there. P.S. he's one tough ombre. 🏹🤠👍
Val Dubz
Val Dubz 10 days ago
Didn't know that J-MAC was also good at destroying men..
Luiz Gustavo
Luiz Gustavo 10 days ago
0 dead humans... anyone died. . Poor fight .
Александр Волов
Бас Руттен-красавчик. 💯👊👊👊
morgan1985uk 10 days ago
Living legend
vortex direitista
vortex direitista 10 days ago
This is like a fight on a homosexual club party
Gennaro Scognamiglio
Nate Black
Nate Black 10 days ago
Wow 😳
Hole in the Wall
Hole in the Wall 10 days ago
He said he fell in love with body shots cuz he got dropped by a body shot when he was younger in a street fight
Patrick Roup
Patrick Roup 10 days ago
That man will littalry slap the shit out of you
WegrennerX 10 days ago
Basseeere hhhrruuuuuuhhhtttennnnnnn.
J vd H
J vd H 10 days ago
Marty moo
Marty moo 10 days ago
OMFG. I would be scared to death facing Bas. He's like a Terminator.
Андрей Галуза
mes rhymes
mes rhymes 11 days ago
Ça a beaucoup changé depuis le début heureusement
James Ross
James Ross 11 days ago
Seem like to many "falls".
Tecun uman
Tecun uman 11 days ago
Hellraiser9935 11 days ago
The man who separates the boys from the men
Tonedef 76
Tonedef 76 11 days ago
Was pancrase open palm strikes to the head?
Tony Powell
Tony Powell 11 days ago
Even his bitch slaps look painful.
MirroredMadness 11 days ago
Bas Rutten aka Bas Hyuga, Master of the Gentle Fist/Juken
GeeseH 11 days ago
Meh, his real defining moment was playing the bad guy in episode one of Martial Law with Sammo
Just Click It And Watch
Али Магомедов
Вот это были бойцы👍👍👍👍. А щас кое кому в голову колено прилетает и он начинает стимулировать и ныть как баба.
stryker9816 11 days ago
I didn't know cesaro was doing this.
David 11 days ago
1:39 this dude was like “DID I WIN?!?!” After getting the shit beat outta him 😂😂
MrJamaica650 11 days ago
0:02 "tell Mary Lou that I will always love her"
matthew dekorte
matthew dekorte 11 days ago
No punchin to the head is gay
DN Ray
DN Ray 11 days ago
No wonder he coached the Boom 👍🤣
Robert Donovan
Robert Donovan 11 days ago
Tanning leather Inside
Robert Donovan
Robert Donovan 11 days ago
Radio jizz tantone mixed dead dirt oil
Only time
Only time 11 days ago
Ppl don't know in the 90s bas was a beast when it comes to fighter's that were straight just scary when they entered the ring only bas and Mike Tyson come to my mind.
Kenneth Rolls
Kenneth Rolls 11 days ago
So no fists?
Gennaro Scognamiglio
this is very strange!
Terrance Adrian
Terrance Adrian 11 days ago
Dude could literally destroy you with the palms of his hands. Lol.
sgtsclark1 11 days ago
His fighting intelligence was his greatest weapon, then you add speed, power and size. Definanly one of the greats
Jeff Hallatt
Jeff Hallatt 11 days ago
Some of my favorite real world fighting advice taken from bas
Myles Ducharme
Myles Ducharme 11 days ago
Aljamain: that knee was illegal GSP: I'm not impressed by your performance Tyron: I'm falling in and out of love with you, falling in and out of love with ... racists!!! Nate Diaz : I'm all this lil motherfuckers daddies
KD 2021
KD 2021 11 days ago
I like how Ken Shamrock thought sorting his hair out would help with the onslaught of Bas 😂😂😂
Sakari 11 days ago
King of pancakes. Oss!
D Bo
D Bo 11 days ago
The skill on this guy is mediocre at best. I guess if you gonna be dumb than you better be tough
dr. chips
dr. chips 11 days ago
Can you imagine your first time in prison and this guys on the bottom bunk as you walk in to the cell and he looks up and says come kiss your new husband ! arrrghhh !
NickyB 11 days ago
Niet kutten met Rutten!
N.A. McIntosh
N.A. McIntosh 12 days ago
in Holland Bas is also known as the King of Pancakes
Evgen 888
Evgen 888 12 days ago
Что за дичь!
Maniac 12 days ago
Why they dressed like pro wrestlers lol
amazingtbone 12 days ago
Does anyone else stand in front of their mirror while getting dressed in their underwear and socks and pretend they are Bas?
Mark Reynolds
Mark Reynolds 12 days ago
Bas will out slap any man. Beast
Ahmed ahmed
Ahmed ahmed 12 days ago
kolbibb 12 days ago
I remember when I watched his fight about maybe 20years ago. Who else remember that missed kick and then backfist straight after?
Shard 12 days ago
“I don’t believe in an eye for an eye, I believe in TWO eyes for an eye.” -Bas Rutten
Diddley Twot
Diddley Twot 12 days ago
UFC trying to milk it from other organisations when before they denied it even happened.
TheEvolver311 12 days ago
About time
Ryan DB
Ryan DB 12 days ago
imagine if it was Aljo who took then knee in the clinch, he'd probably still be out of it today
Preciso Fala
Preciso Fala 12 days ago
Kevin Randleman say hello
Zarfybear 12 days ago
pow pow pow a zing a zing a do. legendary
bbyflip1 12 days ago
Rickson Gracie vs Bas rutten who wins ????
Holy Beef
Holy Beef 12 days ago
I never seen so many bitch slaps in one fight 🤣😂🤣
kewltony 12 days ago
Your Nostrolee O’ Lee O’ Lees
Lockdown spinning
Lockdown spinning 12 days ago
He is the best commentator also
Lockdown spinning
Lockdown spinning 12 days ago
He is da mannnn
LUIZ BAURUDY 12 days ago
🇧🇷 Um dos lutadores mais temiveis da época. Realmente o cara era um casca de corocodilo.
Charles Reichow
Charles Reichow 12 days ago
Moose Milk
Moose Milk 12 days ago
Uh does bas have 8 pack abs?
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ADHD Support 12 days ago
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Slibbs 12 days ago
Knocking people out with slaps before slap fights were even a thing